Abnormal Psychology


Definition Sheet Assignment

PY4310- Abnormal Psychology

INSTRUCTIONS: Write a brief, but thorough definition for each of the following terms. Most, or all of the terms can be defined using your textbook (check the index first) and DSM. Be sure to cite where you get your information. You are free to use internet sources, but be sure they are professional sources and will give you the correct definition (again, cite the source). You may also be able to find many of these answers in your Mind-Tap access if you have that. The definitions will be graded for completeness and accuracy, but need not be lengthy. After you complete the sheet, submit it in the courseroom in the appropriate place as a Word attachment, before the deadline. Include your name in the file when you save it such as “definition assignment fred smith.docx”. You will want to keep a copy handy for your reference throughout the course as you encounter various terms.


1. abnormal / normal (define the distinction between these)

2. mental disorder (HINT: see your DSM – but shorten the definition)

3. etiology

4. pathological

5. catharsis

6. comorbid / comorbidity

7. autistic savant

8. somatic / psychosomatic

9. dissociative

10. differential diagnosis

11. neurocognitive

12. abnormal

13. acute

14. chronic

15. anxiolytics

16. asymptomatic

17. catatonia / catatonic

18. cathartic

19. coprolalia

20. delirium

21. dissociative / dissociation

22. euphoria

23. dysmorphia

24. executive functioning

25. extinction

26. antipsychotics

27. dysphoria

28. grandiosity

29. homeostasis

30. hypo (prefix)

31. hyper (prefix)

32. malingering

33. mania

34. opioid / opiate

35. phobia

36. placebo / placebo effect

37. predisposition

38. psychogenic

39. psychodiagnosis

40. epidemiology

41. psychache

42. provisional diagnosis

43. prognosis

44. premorbid

45. psychosis

46. psychopharmacology

47. psychopathology

48. psychotropic medication

49. rumination

50. schema

51. sociocultural

52. subtype

53. synergistic effect

54. systematic desensitization

55. tic

56. transference

57. trichotillomania

58. DSM-V

59. ICD coding

60. multiaxial diagnosis

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