Accounting Conceptual Questions

Hello all-


Easy assignment. Please chose 1 of the 5 attached eassys and answer 7 conceptual questions. You can chose any of the following cases- just read it and answer the following questions. The professor is looking for consice answers that are to the point and thought provoking. The assignment guidlines are also attached. 


Questions to answer:

1. What is the problem that the project is trying to answer?

2. Why do the authors suggest the problemis important?

3. How do the authors approach addressing the problem?

4. What are the results?

5. How does the project relate to what you have learned in this class (or any other of your classes)?

6. Whataresome  implications that you learned  in reading the paperthat might affect  your career? In other words,  what  did you learn that youcould use in the future?

7. Any questions you have afterreading thepaper and/or anything you found particularly interesting?


Thank you !!

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