Advocacy for patients is important

Advocacy for patients is important to ensure that they are receiving the proper care (Helbig, 2018), and when they can’t voice for themselves, we, as nurses, should stand up for them and make sure the proper care and needs of our patients are given if at any time it is denied or is in need of investigation or proper resources. Communication and collaboration are key in the work environment in order to provide patient-centered care (Helbig, 2018).

I had an experience where the patient was seen and the doctor determined she had not been taking her medication as prescribed and had not attended PT. The doctor came out of the room and instructed me to document non-compliance and to discontinue her treatment at the office. I asked him what the problem was and asked if I could talk to the patient and see what may be the cause. He gave me permission and I was able to determine the issues within twenty minutes. As he was seeing another patient, I waited until he was done and asked to speak to him. I explained to him the issue was the patient was in the hole with medication through Medicare and could not afford it, and was also having problems with transportation. He gave instruction to document the result and find the resources and samples of medications the patient needed and we would supply them until she was out of the hole. Had I not intervened or advocated for the patient, she would have been labeled non-compliant as well as had to go through the process of looking for another doctor.

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