Advocate for community environment and policies that support heart health

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Please follow the instructor carefully. Its 2 different discussions and respond to each discussion separate.

You are expected to post a primary response to the discussion topic. All posts should address the discussion topic/question, add to the discussion, and/or encourage others to respond. Facts and claims MUST be supported with APA format citations and references. Use personal experience, course resources such as textbook and additional readings, library references and resources, and well-reputed internet sources, which includes reputable media sources, as well as scholarly sources. Your primary response to the topic/questions posed should be 2 -3 paragraphs, and be thoughtful, well-written, and include appropriate APA in-text citation(s) and reference(s) when appropriate.

Discussion Board # 1: Review a Legislative Session

Becoming familiar with the legislative process is an important skill for public health advocacy, prevention, and policy. Review the Senate Floor session for March 10th 2016: The session is 1 hour 46 minutes in length. Please review it in its entirety.

The session video should be opened using Google Chrome or Firefox (Internet Explorer will not work effectively for this video)

The California Legislature passed a set of landmark public health bills:

· SBX2-5 Electronic cigarettes (Leno)

· SBX2-7 Tobacco products: minimum legal age (Hernandez)

· ABX2-7 Smoking in the workplace (Mark Stone)

· ABX2-9 Tobacco use programs (Thurmond)

· ABX2-10 Local taxes: authorization: cigarettes and tobacco products (Bloom)

· ABX2-11 Cigarette and tobacco product licensing: fees and funding (Nazarian)

Each bill that was passed that day has the potential to impact improvements in public health.

· Research two bills above that particularly interest you.

o Then, share two specific facts you learned about the two bills you researched (one fact each).

· Next, share one piece of information you learned about the remaining FOUR bills (not the two from the bullet above) connected to the legislative process, advocacy, policy solutions, etc while reviewing the session. Try your best to link (describe) the information you learned to Chapter 1, 2, or 17.


· You are required to use at least TWO sources from the textbook, government reports, peer-reviewed journal articles or textbooks. Use your OWN WORDS (e.g., do not cut and paste from a government report or article).

· Paraphrase (use your own words) to report the information.

· Include APA formatted in-text citations to identify your sources AND include full APA formatted references for your sources at the end of your post.

o Purdue OWL APA Guide

Discussion Board # 2

Coalitions and Public Health

Public health issues are broad and complex and often too difficult to solve with the efforts of one organization. Forming a group of individuals and organizations into a coalition which address and attempt to solve these issues can be an effective strategy. Often, advocacy efforts and development of or changing policy or programs is the end result. Coalitions can:

· Advocate for community environment and policies that support heart health.

· Ensure that community heart disease and stroke prevention approaches and materials are culturally sensitive for targeted audiences (because the coalition members themselves represent the community).

· Propel a strategic and concerted resolution of the problem.

To answer the prompts below review this document: Kansas University Toolbox Ch. 5 Starting a Coalition

· Describe what a coalition is and three common goals/elements that they focus upon.

· Describe the three most essential types of members that form a coalition.

· Using the internet, locate a coalition that focuses on the issue of tobacco use or nutrition. Tell your colleagues the: 1) name of the coalition and 2) the main goal/purpose 3) List three participating members of the coalition. Hint: Try your best not to duplicate a coalition that your colleagues posted

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