Annotated Bibliography, 3 pages

This assignment is worth 100 points. The student will choose one world religion to investigate and then choose five (5) scholarly articles/books (using a library database such as J-Stor) addressing that religion. The articles/books should address topics that fall within the chronological parameters of the course, meaning 1500CE (AD)-Present for HIS 132. The sources should not come from a website, a dictionary, a textbook, or an encyclopedia. All articles must have a minimum of 10 pages. If you are having difficulty finding sources please ask me for help. If you have taken the class before you may not choose the same religion or sources. Each bibliographic entry will consist of 200 words, with a total of 1000 words for the whole annotated bibliography. The paper need to adress Christanity History during the 1500s-Present

Then i want to attach the sources you used for teacher.

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