Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Write a 5 paragraph essay with the following components:


a.       Hook/Grabber:




Background info on the topic

Thesis Statement: inform the reader about what your essay will be about; last sentence of the intro para.

Body Paragraphs:

2 paragraphs containing the pros of the use of cellphones

1 paragraph containing the cons of the use of cellphones

Building Main Points:

Organize with the use of topic sentences that illustrate the main idea of each paragraph.Offering a brief explanation of the history or recent developments of topic within the early body paragraphs can help the audience to become familiarized with your topic and the complexity of the issue.

Paragraphs may be ordered in several ways, depending upon the topic and purpose of your argument:•General to specific information• Most important point to least important point . Weakest claim to strongest claim

  • Countering the Opposition:
  • Addressing the claims of the opposition is an important component in building a convincing argument.
  • It demonstrates your credibility as a writer –
  • you have researched multiple sides of the argument and have come to an informed decision.
  • It shows you have considered other points of view – that other points of view are valid and reasonable
  • Effective Counter Arguments:
  • Consider your audience when you address the counterargument.
  • Conceding to some of your opposition’s concerns can demonstrate respect for their opinions.
  • Remain tactful yet firm:   Using rude or deprecating language can cause your audience to reject your position  without carefully considering your claims.
  • Counterarguments may be located at various locations within your body paragraphs.You may choose to:•build each of your main points as a contrast to oppositional claims.•offer a counterargument after you have articulated your main claims.


  • Your conclusion should reemphasize the main points made in your paper.
  • You may choose to reiterate a call to action or speculate on the future of your topic, when appropriate.
  • Avoid raising new claims in your conclusion.
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