article crtique #7

Guidelines for Article Critique


Begin by summarizing the article. Here are some questions that will help you summarize your article:

1.     What is the question that the researchers are attempting to answer?

2.     How does this question fit into the research that has already been done in that area? Why is it important?

3.     How did the researchers answer their question? In other words, what did they do? Explain what the article was about.

4.     What were their findings/results and conclusions?

5.     Were their findings consistent with previous research? If not what were some of the reasons?


The next step is to critique the article. Use these questions to guide you in your critique.

1.     Did the researchers answer their question? Was the method of answering the question appropriate? Did the procedure make sense? Was there a better way to answer the research question?

2.     Are the results consistent with the hypothesis and are they correctly interpreted? Would you interpret them any differently?

3.     Are the conclusions valid and justified by the data?

4.     Are the generalizations valid?


This is the reference guidline website please follow it!


I need 1-2 pages of the article critique.

Please follow the guidlines! 

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