Assignment: Research Project

Assignment: Research Project

The Final Paper is the final report for your portfolio. The body of the report should be 2,500 to 3,000 words (not including the Abstract, Title Page and References Page). Use APA 6th ed. format. How your portfolio performed is not as critical for grading as how well you understand and express your thoughts and logic in explaining the results. Include:

    • Your initial strategy, and discuss how your might have revised this over time.
    • Details about the allocation of the portfolio (fundamental and technical analyses).
    • Any news that may have affected your specific investments.
    • General economic events or news that may have affected your overall portfolio.
    • Government issues that may have affected your specific investments or your overall portfolio.
    • Your recommendations and advice for your client going forward (assume you’ve been selected to be his permanent portfolio manager).

Your portfolio spreadsheet should be included as an exhibit.

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