Brief overview of the pathophysiology of the disease

You are caring for a 13-year old adolescent girl admitted and diagnosed two days ago to your pediatric unit with Type 1 diabetes. Her primary care giver is her mother who is present at the bedside.

Case Study Analysis Assignment Outline:

Brief overview of the pathophysiology of the disease. Include:
What lab abnormalities would you look for?
What diagnostics would you expect to see?
Give rationale.
Implications for Self-Care
How does this disease process impact the patient’s and/or their care provider’s ability to care for themselves?
Consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Application of Orem’s Theory of Self-Care.
Patient Education Strategy
Consider educational strategies and a plan of care for your patient based on the implications for self-care section. Support with rationale.
Interdisciplinary Collaboration
What interdisciplinary team members need to be included. Include rationale.
Consider nutrition, discharge, transition, and financial implications

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