Career counselors have a number of roles and responsibilities to fulfill.


ASSIGNMENT 2: Human Rights and Types of Oppression (Final Project Part 1)

Use your population to describe how 4 articles in the Declaration of Human Rights were violated in the United States. Then discuss how two forms of oppression (oppression by force, oppression by deprivation, primary oppression, secondary oppression, and tertiary/internalized oppression) continue to be inflicted on the population. Provide at least one peer-reviewed journal article to support or elaborate on the content of your paper. The 1-1.5 pages paper will be evaluated using standards below:

APA Style

  • In-text Citations
  • Reference Page
  • My populaion is gender/woman in the work place
  • Career counselors have a number of roles and responsibilities to fulfill. Among those responsibilities are administering and interpreting tests to help clients correctly identify career options. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II is among many quantitative assessments utilized to help clients identify their temperaments. Temperament is a configuration of observable personality traits, such as habits of communication, patterns of action, and sets of characteristic attitudes, values, and talents. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II breaks results into four temperament styles: Guardians, Idealists, Artisans, and Rationals. To read more about these styles, see your required readings for this week.

    Take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II, a 71-question assessment. The website and instructions are under required readings for this week. Approach the assessment as if you were the client, answering questions about yourself. After completing the assessment, discuss your results and evaluate the instrument based upon the following questions; your journal should be 350- to 700-words (1- to 2-pages) in length.

    • What was your experience taking the assessment?
    • Did you find it easy to understand? Why or why not?
    • How accurate were your results in terms of your career aspirations?
    • Identify situations in which this assessment would be particularly useful.
    • What benefits can you identify in using this assessment in the career advisement process?
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