characteristics of health care is the distinction between activities

Formulate one new comment of your own. It must be a logical and thoughtful response that synthesizes the comments of at least 3 classmates into one comment. Be sure to synthesize; do not simply reply to each of the 3 classmates.

1. One of the characteristics of health care is the distinction between activities that are directed at keeping people healthy and activities directed at restoring health once a disease or injury occurs. Public health’s focus is keeping the population healthy. This involves making predictors regarding the environment. For example, making sure water supplies and restaurants and food are safe and in the provision of preventive health services. For example, smoking cessation, eating well, exercising and reduction of stress. Once someone becomes sick, the medical sector takes priority and provides a wide variety of services and interventions to restore health. Whether in the public health sector or in the medical sector, access is important. Good website for access to health care:

2. Many of you have discussed quality as one of the characteristics that have a significant impact on health care delivery. The Affordable Care Act emphasizes value-based health care where the payment of services will be based on the provision of effective, efficient, and high quality practice. Health care professionals will have to demonstrate the provision of high quality services and the attainment of Medicare recognized patient outcomes (rehospitalization, community discharge) in order to be reimbursed for services.

3. The two most important characteristics and components on the healthcare delivery system, is no central governing agency and little integration and coordination, and technology driven delivery system focusing on acute care. The first component is important because it provides flexibility of needed services, that is recommended per demand and location. Since the U.S. system is not centrally controlled, this could lead to a lot of money being saved. It is clear that this component benefits both the people, healthcare professionals, and the government. The second component is important if we are to always look for improved health services for our patients. Technology benefits people in many ways and also gives the patients the benefit of the doubt, that “innovations represent the best care” (Shi, Singh, 2017). Improved technology in an acute care setting would increase efficient and effective care for the patients, allowing medical professionals job to be easier.

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