Characteristics of Nursing Research Utilization and Evidence-Based Practice

Please include in-text citations. All resources must be within the last 5-6 years

#1 Mixed methods research takes advantage of using multiple ways to explore a research problem. Basic characteristics of mixed method research includes:

· Design can be based on either or both perspectives.

· Research problems can become research questions and/or hypotheses based on prior literature, knowledge, experience, or the research process.

· Sample sizes vary based on methods used.

· Data collection can involve any technique available to researchers.

· Interpretation is continual and can influence stages in the research process.

What are some reasons that mixed methods should be used?

#2 Not all research is scientifically sound. What is validity and reliability in research?

#3 Methodologist John Creswell suggested a systematic framework for approaching mixed methods research. His framework involves four decisions to consider and six strategies.

· What are the four decisions?

· What are the six strategies?

#4 This study is old, so it would be interesting to see what more recent research suggests. The link to the article is:

The results from this student were: Nurses perceived that work experience, their basic professional education, and mentors and preceptors were stronger contributors to their professional development than CE. Nurses mandated to collect CE hours did not experience more growth in their professional abilities nor did they accumulate more total hours of CE than those without such a mandate. Those with mandates did, however, attend more hours of CE that were unrelated to their work or interest, and were more likely to attend CE by correspondence.

What are your thoughts?

Is there more current research that validates this information?

Or is there research that contradicts it?

#5 What is the Johns Hopkins Evidence Based Practice Model?

#6 What is the Iowa Model of EBP? Provide an example of how it is used.

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Qualitative and quantitative research methods can be used together in nursing studies to offset the weaknesses that the individual methods have (Fleiszer, 2016). Secondly, it enables researchers to use all the resources available to them for a more comprehensive report. Third, using both qualitative and quantitative research methods in nursing studies provides additional evidence and support for the results of the study. The two methods combine both deductive and inductive thinking and reasoning to draw conclusions concerning nursing studies. Finally, using both methods help reduce bias in nursing studies.


First, using both qualitative and quantitative methods in nursing studies can be time-consuming especially during data collection (Ellis, 2019). Secondly, the study may need more tools and resources for the collection of different types of data. Third, the research processes may be difficult to follow. Last but not least, clear publication of the studies may be hindered using the two methods.

Ellis, P. (2019). Evidence-based practice in nursing. Learning Matters.

Fleiszer, A. R., Semenic, S. E., Ritchie, J. A., Richer, M. C., & Denis, J. L. (2016). Nursing unit leaders’ influence on the long‐term sustainability of evidence‐based practice improvements. Journal of nursing management, 24(3), 309-318.

My Question

When you say that mixed research methods can be used together to offset the weaknesses of the individual methods, what exactly does that mean? Can you expand on that?

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