Comparison of U.S./Other Healthcare System Paper


Comparison of U.S./Other Healthcare System Paper

750 words APA format

  1. WRITE a paper (at least 750 words) comparing and contrasting the healthcare system of your selected country and the United States (U.S.) healthcare system.

    Choose one (1) country from the following list. These countries ranked high (in the top 20) on the WHO overall healthcare system rankings:

 France Italy Singapore  Spain Oman Austria Japan Norway Portugal Iceland

 Netherlands United Kingdom  Ireland Luxembourg Switzerland

For assistance on searching for information about your selected country, see Module 1 (Term Paper Assignment instructions). For the United States (U.S.) healthcare system and health care reform, use the following references to find information (the references below are in APA format and can be cited in your paper):

  •   Chua, K. (2006, February 10). Overview of the U.S. healthcare system. Retrieved from -AMSA%2020062_25_09.pdfArticle is a little old (2006), but a concise summary of U.S. healthcare system.
  •   Shay, P., & Schumacher, E. (2014). U.S. health care delivery: An overview. San Antonio, TX: Trinity University. (CLICK on POWERPOINT file: US HEALTH CARE OVERVIEW A more recent (2014) PowerPoint presentation, includes tables and statistics on U.S. health.
  •   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2015, July 17). FastStats: How healthy are we? Retrieved from Up-to-date U.S. health statistics from the CDC.
  •   Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). (2011). Disparities in healthcare quality among racial and ethnic groups: Selected findings from the 2011 National Healthcare Quality and Disparity reports. Retrieved from

    Provides tables/statistics on inequity/inequality health care issues among U.S. racial/ethnic groups.

  •   Jackson, J., & Nolen, J. (2010, March 21). Health care reform summary: A look at what’s in the act. New York: CBS News. Retrieved from bill/

    or (CLICK on the PDF file: HEALTH CARE REFORM) Provides a concise summary of the Affordable Care Act.

    You MUST use the following major headings to compare the U.S. and your country. To organize the content of your paper for the “comparison” discussions, you MUST use the level heading titles & positions that are found at the end of this module. These level heading titles & positions are in APA format.

    PAPER HEADING: Introduction Selection of country (name of country and reason for choice). See module readings for U.S. health care system information.

    PAPER HEADING: Health Statistics and Costs Discuss the following: 1) life expectancies; 2) mortality rates; 3) major health conditions/diseases; 4) health care expenditure ($) per capita as ratio of total population; and 5) health care expenditure (% of gross domestic product) for U.S. and your selected country. For the U.S., see module readings (Chua; Shay & Schumacher; CDC) or more recent internet sources, if available.

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