Crafting Meaningful and Measurable Learning Objectives

Prior planning for a lesson is essential for successful student learning. Allotting time to strategically plan for the lesson and formulate lesson plan objectives helps guide the lesson. As a result, students are able to grasp new knowledge. Shank (2005, para 4) explains that well-written learning objectives describe, in specific, measurable, and observable terms, the skills students are expected to exhibit as a result of instruction. Furthermore, learning objectives should contain an action verb that will show the skill that learner will be able to perform after the lesson is presented. Bloom’s Taxonomy is important in instructional design. It’s cognitive, behavior, and effective domains of learning have been remodeled into action verbs to align with the activity of learning that results in remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating (Bristol & Zerwekh, 2011, pg. 26).

Learning Need

Donning sterile gloves is a skill that all first semester nursing students must be able to successfully perform. Being able to maintain sterility is crucial in order to avoid contamination that can potentially cause infection.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will properly demonstrate how to don and remove sterile gloves.
  • After completing the sterile glove power point, students will be able to verbalize methods to maintain sterility.

Evaluating Effectiveness of Skill Taught

In the skills lab, students will demonstrate proper technique for donning and removing sterile gloves by performing these activities in the presence of their clinical instructor. Also, the students will explain to the instructor ways to maintain sterility. The learning objectives will be met when the student is able to properly don and remove sterile gloves without contamination, and correctly verbalize methods to maintain sterility. Direct assessment involves any tasks or activities that require students to demonstrate directly what they have learned (Colorado College, n.d.). Meaningful learning has been achieved once students have successfully completed the aforementioned learning objectives.

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