D. Describe the issue’s ultimate impact on health care

1. Select a current non-research article from a professional journal that discusses an issue presently affecting nursing and/or health care. “Current” will be defined as being published from the present time to no earlier than 2013.

2. Prepare a written critique of the article in which you include the following:

A. Summarize the article with discussion of major points

B. Explain what you think is most important about this article and why. Use examples and rationale from your personal professional experience and/or current literature.

C. Describe how the issue affects nursing.

D. Describe the issue’s ultimate impact on health care

3. Synthesize content to no greater than four (4) pages

4. Use the APA format for referencing citations and presenting a scholarly paper

5. Submit the final paper through Safe Assign (found on Black Board)

6. Submit a hard copy of the paper in class with the ORIGINAL article that was used to develop paper. Be sure to use the issues paper grading rubric as a resource for expected content.


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