Define cyberbullying.


Define cyberbullying. Do you know anyone who has been bullied online? Have you ever been bullied online? What are some of the psychological effects cyberbully can have on the victim?

General Requirement(s):

  1. Preparation: Read the directions for the discussion board prior to participation.
  2. Write: Make sure you directly and completely address the discussion forum question(s)/topic. You must respond to at least one of your fellow classmates posting explaining the reason(s) for the agreement or disagreement with their initial posting. Make sure to use proper grammar, punctuation, and proper APA citation, when writing your initial post. When replying to your classmates don’t forget to comply with Netiquette Guidelines in the “Getting Started” area and include a salutation to your classmate(s).
  3. Grading: The number of posts and replies you need to get credit are shown in the Grading table below.
  4. At least 200 words

    Choose one sexual dysfunction disorder and one   paraphilic disorder.

    Create a 6- to 9-slide PowerPoint presentation   discussing the disorders. Include the following in your presentation:

    1. A title slide
    2. A description of each selected   disorder.
    3. Symptoms listed in the DSM for each   disorder.
    4. Treatment approaches for each disorder.
    5. A     reference slide

    Include at least two scholarly references in your presentation.

    Include speaker notes below each content-related slide that   represent what would be said if giving the presentation in person.   Expand upon the information included in the slide and do not simply   restate it. Please ensure the speaker notes include a minimum of 50 words.

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