Disaster Management and Strategies of the American Red Cross

Disaster Management and Strategies of the American Red Cross

Description and Purpose of Project:

I will identify the important things that Red Cross will use it before and after disasters. The purpose is giving a big picture about how Red Cross mange with disasters and how they design appropriate strategies.

Objectives (Expected results, use measurable indicators or quantify if possible):

1- Some information about disaster management and strategies

2- Role of Humanitarian Aid Worker

3- Role of Medical Facilities

4- after disaster

5- Conclusion

Methods (Describe how you intend to accomplish/complete project):

1- Abstract

2- Introduction about this project

3- Literature review

4- Identify (Role of Humanitarian Aid Worker)

5- Identify (Role of Medical Facilities)

6- Identify (after disaster)

7- Conclusion

It should be including: Abstract, Introduction and Summary, Literature Review. 10 pages, APA format.

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