English Comp. 1301-two part assignments

Hell othis is a English 1301 home work post that has two separate  parts.. THe Week 8 discussion post and the Writing assignment . I will post the discussion post her below:


Post a thoughtful response (minimum one paragraph) to each of the questions below:

a. Discuss the areas of the course (grammar lessons, discussion posts, essay writing, MLA documentation, revisions, bonus writing) that have been the most beneficial to you.

b. Share how you think the course could be improved.   Was the short eight-week format a benefit or a challenge?   Was the textbook helpful?

c. Would you recommend the course to other students?  Why or why not?      Thanks for these responses.  — Prof McBride

Note: Each week’s Discussion Posting is worth 20 points toward the final point talley, so write a thoughtful response. Please correct all sentence errors.


And also for the Week 8  Revising and editing writing assignment read the attach file i uploaded to know more of the writing and what to do ..if you need the english book i can give you the info login .(Basically we have a chance pick an week essay to revise and get a better grade, so I chose week 6 to redo over for week 8 assignment)


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