Evidence Translation and Change

Obesity is a complex disorder that is characterized by an excess amount of body fats with victims having an abnormally high body mass index. Researchers have proved obesity to be a risk factor for the development of other diseases. Evidence translation is a process that entails production of evidence through investigations and integration of the evidence in practice to help reach goals and produce a change of behaviors and lifestyles for better health.Common barriers.Translation of evidence in correcting obesity and causing change is not always smooth, but faced with challenges. Lack of resources and support, for instance, challenges the translation of any evidence on to the actual process since change of diet is a signi9ficant factor to consider individuals may not have enough money to get the recommended diet and end up not being able to correct the disorder. Insufficient knowledge and failure to clarify the ideal strategies to correct obesity may cause difficulty in the implementation of the set policies. Additionally, target individuals may not be willing to partake in the policies. For instance, people may not be willing to do exercise and that would pose a barrier to effective evidence translation (White, et al. 2016)Inadequate evidence among the evidence translators can be a challenge when a translator faces questions from the targets and may result to unwillingness of individuals to change (White et al. 2016). Poor communication skills when teaching the audience about any evidence may result to conflicts that hinder the process of change.Adopting strategies to be aware of new evidenceet al.To get new ideas, I can read recent researches that have been conducted. I could also choose to follow the health organization on social media to get every single update that is posted. Moreover, I can choose to conduct research involving both health care providers and other residents to get their views and gain new knowledge. To effect any change, I need to present enough evidence why obese is bad and therefore I would gather information enough to convince the target individuals to change. Interview can be of significant help too. Interviewing healthcare practitioners as well as researches can provide me with a wide range of information that I can use as my evidence or a basis for further research.Determination of evidence to implement.Determining what evidence to implement is critical if anyone wants to start any change. The first thing is to determine the cause of the obesity. Some may be inherited, some drugs, others developed due to lifestyles and others because of other illnesses. Different cases may require different approaches or even combine approaches. Also, I will investigate the cost of the change and the financial status of the target group (Dang, et al. 2018). Age also matters when choosing the type of evidence to choose. For instance, obesity caused by sedentary lifestyles like drinking alcohol, eating fast foods and foods with much fat and lack of exercise can be solved by encouraging individual to take exercises. Exercises can involve walking to work instead of driving, or reducing alcohol and fast food consumption. Obesity caused by other diseases can be solved by addressing the underlying disease and adding healthy diets and exercise.Lack of knowledge for the risks associated with obesity and possible ways of getting away with it can be addressed by educating the target group, while the one caused by certain drugs can be solved by using an alternative drug with less effect.Ensuring continuation and sustainability of change.To ensure continuity and sustainability of the change, I will set goals with each person and remind them how important their change is in relation to their health. I will also access them on regular bases and see whether they are doing the expected. I will also organize programs to educate them to keep them on their feet (Dang, et al. 2018). I will also check for any available motivation that can keep them on track. Asking individuals to keep a record that I should check on a regular basis can also be of help.Please make a comment for this discussion board with at least 2 paragraphs and 2 sources no later than 5 years

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