Explain how the core framework is utilized in the process of curriculum design.

All responses need to be supported by a minimum of 2 scholarlyresource (text or peer reviewed journal). Citation and reference must adhere to APA format (6th ed.).t is very important that you address all key points/aspects of the discussion question for every week and that you review the discussion rubric and make sure that you consider all aspects of the rubric before you post your discussion to get maximum credit points. Typically, the discussion question for each week asks you to respond to several (2-4) key point (multidimensional question) and rarely is a one-dimensional question.

Discussion question1:Explain how the core framework is utilized in the process of curriculum design.

Please use a heading for each major part of your main/initial post. For example your headers for the discussion #1 could be “Utilization of Curriculum Frameworks”. Your headings should follow APA format such as be Bold and center page.

Respond to the bottom postings should be approximately 100 words (about 1/2 page length) and include references. Need 2 References and citations should conform to the APA format.

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