For Kim Woods


1) Choose a real company from an automobile (car) industry which is involved in international business.

2) Identify an entry mode( Exporting/ Foreign Acquisition/ Greenfield Investment OR Joint Venture) that has been used by the selected company when expanding its car business to a FOREIGN market location. The identified case must be from Year 1990 and onwards.

Answer ALL Questions below !

1) Is this entry mode appropriate for the target foreign market ? Why ? Answer this question by analysing:

 Strategic Consideration: a) Is this entry mode in line with the company’s then strategic direction ? Why ?

                                               b) Do you think the level of control, risks, return and integration associated with the entry                                                       mode is appropriate for the company’s strategy ?


 Environment factors: PESTEL ANALYSIS of the foreign market location. Choose only 3 FACTORS that are most related to the case. MUST analyse how the entry mode suits these 3 PESTEL factors.


– Whether the timing of entry and the scale of the entry are appropriate ? Why ?


2) Based on above analyses, what recommendations would you make to improve this entry ?


Other points to note

– Harvard Referencing style

– Minimum of 8 acedemic journal articles must be read and cited

– Analytical skills is important and DO NOT be descriptive.


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