Please introduce yourself to the class. Should be 200-300 words in a paragraph form.This discussion does not require a response to a      classmate. You have the option      to comment or give feedback to any posting.Don’t hold back or be shy,      and remember to NOT fill it with purely      academic information.Tells us 3 INTERESTING things about yourself.Part of the learning in      the online world is being able to get to know each other through our      personal lives and activities.There is no right or wrong      way to write this — it is your bio!Note: Please do use proper      netiquette when posting anything within our course. That means, not using      texting slang, all caps, emoticons. Always be polite and courteous in all      course communications.Worth 10 points / 2%Here are some questions / suggestions that might assist you in your thinking:1. Always include your name2. Favorite childhood memory / family / pet(s)3. Tell about your hobbies / jobs4. Why you decided to go to nursing school / study habits5. Favorite foods (describe) / favorite TV show or movie / favorite music / favorite holiday / favorite vacation6. What do you want us to know about you?7. Who are your role models and why?8. What language do you speak at home? In public?9. What frightens you? Why?

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