How Clear Decision Roles Enhance Organizational Performance” in the HBR text.

Read “Who Has the D? – How Clear Decision Roles Enhance Organizational Performance” in the HBR text.

case analysis

This week, you will post the results of the Case Analysis. I have assigned a case study drawn from the business management arena, as well as questions for you to answer. In order to get full credit, you will review the case study and post your answers to the questions on or by (9/17), and respond to two classmates on or by (9/19) of this final week. This discussion forum will serve as your Case Analysis Assignment.

For this discussion forum, read the attached Case Study on Strategy and Leadership and answer the questions below. Be sure to reference the case, as well as any other source that you cite and provide examples from your Capsim team work.

If you do not have a “current job”, then please refer to a job that you had in the past, or a job that you would like to have in the future, and if you choose a “future job”, then identify the company that you would like to be with, and the position.

Please do not begin any postings until the week of week #10, which is no sooner than Tuesday, September 10th.

Question #1:  What did the case study reveal to you about your own leadership ability?

Question #2:  What experience do you have that would help you in your current role?

Question #3:  What was most and least rewarding about your current job?

Question #4:  What can you contribute to your company?

Question #5:  What were your biggest accomplishments and failures in your career so far?

Question #6:  What major challenges and problems did you face? How did you handle them?

Question #7:  How do you evaluate success?

Question #8:  What is your greatest leadership weakness?

70-80 words for each question (2 pages total)

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