Implementing and improving processes

Discussion question DUE IN 24 HOURS

Topic 1: Process Methodology

A common process methodology is the BPTrends approach discussed in the Reading this week. Process creation, change, or revision can come from the top-down or from the bottom-up within an organization. With this in mind review the BPTrends Enterprise Methodology (Figure 3.2) and answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you believe the ongoing strategy process (see figure 3.2) is a continuous loop? Make sure you provide information to support your answer.
  2. Of the different process tools (see figure 3.2) which do you believe is the most difficult for the organization to control and why?


Assignment DUE MONDAY 6pm EST


Unit 2 Assignment

You will be adding the information in this Assignment to the Assignment Template you began using in Unit 1. Do not submit this Assignment as a separate document but as a continuation of your change document. For this project you will be creating two process diagrams. The websites below provide general instructions and visuals on how to use MS Word to create your process change diagram. Their use is not mandatory and they are only suggestions. You may wish to do research on your own to find other ways to prepare process diagrams.



TechRepublic: Create process diagrams in less time with Microsoft® Word’s® 2007’s SmartArt® Retrieved from


Assignment Instructions

Below are the details of the tasks that you have to do for this unit:



5. Prepare two general process diagrams (see figure 9.4) for the Business Process Change you identified for question 2 in the Unit 1 Assignment.



5a. Diagram the current process steps taken by the organization for the process.


5b. Diagram any adaptations to the process steps after the change process is approved.


6. Evaluate and address the importance of the existing and future diagrams and how they assist the organization in determining the validity of the suggested change (your response to this question should be 3-5 paragraphs in length)


 [NOTE: Question #6 does not ask about the work process, instead, it asks you to describe the value and usefulness of the diagram for analysis of a process in general. Change your focus from the actual task process, to how one can use diagrams in helping to manage change. Be very precise in your response to ensure you answer the actual question.]  Each week you will describe your selected work process in some way, but you will also be asked to describe how the tools, methods, and approaches being used are useful to organizations when implementing changes. If you only discuss the process elements, you will not gain full points. You must adjust your perspective from the process to the value of the technique.  Read the questions carefully.

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