intro of nursing and pathophysiology

Module 01 Muddiest PointModule 01 Muddiest PointJournal PromptTop of FormMuddiest Point Journal (due by midnight on the 5th of Jan)”Muddiest Points” are a questions that you ask as you review each week’s content. You will pick one or more concept, topic, or disease process to ask your instructorafterviewing the lecture recordings for each week so that you can gain further knowledge about that concept or topic. Your instructor will address each modules’ “muddiest points” in the live lecture for that module (i.e. Module 3 “muddiest points” will be addressed during the live classroom during week 3.).Each muddiest point (with the exception of Module 1) should be submitted to this discussion forum prior to the live classroom to earn points. The due date for each “muddiest point” is Monday (before the live lecture) at 11:59 pm.Example Muddiest Point Questions:”Why      is the stress response initiated when someone is ill?””Why      are [group, gender, ethnicity, etc.] at higher risk for heart      disease?”Directions:Review this week’s content, then submit a question in the discussion forum about a specific topic, concept, disease process, or anything else about which you would like more information. Be sure to post a question that is relevant to this module’s content.If you got a 0/4 on any module muddiest point, one of these occurred:1.You did not submit a Muddiest Point2.Your question was not pertinent to the moduleWhat do I do if I got a 0/4 but still want to get points?Submit your question late. Once your question is typed, click “Submit Late”.Your      instructor will use the 10%/day deduction for late submissions.

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