Intro to Anthropology essay 4 pages

Hello, I need to write an essay 4 full pages doble space, is for my “Gordon Rule Writing Asignment” is for my Intro to Anthropology class, the topic can be choosen by you. Maybe “Living Primates” or “Human evolution” or “Modern Human Diversity-Race and Racism” or “The Characteristics of Culture” I’m suppose to write it as what learn from the chapters (just pick one from the top)and my OWN WORDS so you can do it freely without plagarisim of course. Essay Length: An essay of four(4) Full, doble-spaced, typed pages of YOUR ACTUAL WRITING is requied(do not include headings, titles, or anything else as part of the writing). You may exceed four pages if you wish, but please do not over do it. Essay Format: They essay most be word-proccessed. You should use 1-inch margins, doble-spacing and a standard font style (NO ENGLISH, GOTHIC, ETC) and size (12-point or slightly larger)

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