Learning Reflection and Sharing of Multimedia Project

In the Learning Reflection and Sharing of Multimedia Project you have an opportunity to consider your learning from the course and engage in final conversation and reflection about the course with your peers and the instructor.  This discussion proves to be a fun sharing of your hard work and creativity in the design and preparation of your summative assignment multimedia presentation.

Initial Post:
Post a response that addresses each of the following areas:

  • Post a link to your multimedia presentation that has been created as a part of your summative assignment for this course.  
  • In no more than one paragraph, reflect on the most memorable learning topic or skill you have attained from this course.  This may be more personal such as increased tolerance and understanding or new skills for inclusionary practices. 
  • State which class you are taking next and explain in no more than one paragraph how you envision this course relating to that next course in the scheme of your total program learning experience.
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