lesson 18 leadership

Read theMotivation: What Makes You Tick?article.List five (5) different Extrinsic (external) and Intrinsic (internal) motivation factors for each of the the four (4) categories (Job Content, Work environment, Leadership, and benefits) use the table attached.Answer the following questions:The research in motivation in nurses suggest that excellent quality patient outcomes are possible when which condition exists?What types of employee characteristics can demotivators lead to?What is the term “organizational citizenship” related to and why is it so important in the employee’s role in motivation?Give a description of each of the three leadership styles?Why has the transformational leadership style of such importance when considering motivation in the workplace? How does empowerment fit into this aspect of ledadership?What is the difference between job satisfaction and motivation?Your paper should be:One – Two (1-2) pagesTyped according to APA style for margins, formatting and spacing standards

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