NEED BY TOMORROW SUNDAY 12PM (Politics on Terrorism)

An essay of 6 to 8 pages of body is required. (due SUNDAY 12pm )

Based on reading of Whittacker, Crotty (attachment below), Richard Clarke (Ten Years Later“) , James Fallows(Success Without Victory“) and Norman Podhoretz(The War Against World War IV), compare and contrast the politics policies on terrorism of the President Bush administration to the President Obama administration.

  • To what degree do you agree/disagree with different policies and procedures to combat terrorism?
  • How do the varying policy statements square with your understanding of the politics and policy of terrorism?
  • Do these policies reflect public opinion in the United States?
  • How are these policies perceived by our traditional allies in Western Europe, and our allies and enemies in the Middle East?
  • Is the response to terrorism as “clear cut” as these some of these policies suggest?
  • Finally, are policies of this nature reflection of the positions of the Democratic and Republican parties or political rhetoric?


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