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  • 1.–Find at least five (5) “real-life” arguments which could be rewritten as syllogisms.
  • In a sentence or two, describe the argument.
  • Rewrite each argument as a syllogism.
  • Identify whether the argument contains logical errors or is an example of good syllogistic reasoning.



2.—-Discussion 2: “Nature or Nurture Debate.”

The “nature or nurture” argument is based on whether a person’s behavior is a result of heredity or his/her environment. Review the “Either/Or” fallacies in the Thinking textbook. Please respond to the following:

  • State the main reason why you agree with either the “nature” position or with the “nurture” position.
  • Evaluate your own stated reason: Is it supportable with verifiable evidence? Is it based on reason or opinion? Would the other side think that your stated reason adequately supports your position?
  • Explain whether there are other theories besides nature and nurture that might explain the variability of human behavior.
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