NU500-8B Unit7 Discussion1-REPLY2

Nursing Knowledge and Theory DevelopmentHealthcare and the field of Nursing are changing.  Hospitals continue to experience nursing shortages, budget and funding restrictions, an aging population, technical advances, and increased nursing autonomy.  According to research, highly qualified and educated nurses are linked to lower hospital mortality rates and better quality of care, leading to higher patient satisfaction rates(Aiken et al., 2016).  The more a nurse knows, the better the institution operates overall.  The nursing theory defines nursing in every aspect of the profession. “A theory can be described as a set of established statements or rules that can be tested.” (Hardy, 1978).  Nurses are constantly testing established statements or rules.Nursing EmpowermentApplying nursing theory can benefit me personally. I’ve already noticed that I am already feeling empowered during this course. It’s about being given an opportunity, the resources, and the support that I have from my family and colleagues that have personally helped me.  According to Kanter’s theory of Structural Empowerment, nurses who are given the opportunity, have access to pertinent information, support for their professional activities, and the resources to succeed are the ones who will create a professional environment and utilize their empowerment in a positive manner (Hayes et al., 2014). As a whole, a nurse can thrive in the right environment for them.  The great thing about nursing is that we can take our skills and profession in many different areas.  If nurses aren’t feeling support, they are free to seek other opportunities that best suit their professional goals.  In week one, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  Could I go back to college at my age? I’ve already done so much professionally. Was this even obtainable?  After only one short semester, I feel so confident and empowered.  I can do this.  I have the support, the resources, the opportunity, access to the necessary information, and success.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone here as we graduate in 2022.My Greatest Impact Nursing TheoryThe nursing theory I feel will have the most significant impact on my professional practice is the Theory of Successful Aging.  Since I am in the anti-aging business, I think this theory will significantly impact my professional practice.  The Theory of Successful Aging uses the five essential categories or processes that characterize caring (McEwen & Wills, 2019).  These five processes consist of knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, and maintaining belief.  As my patients seek anti-aging treatments, I realize it is essential that I remain aware of the five categories to help them be their best version of themselves without compromising their integrity and natural beauty.

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