Nursing  1212W3H2A

I need a comment for sentence 1Sentence 1What is the muddiest point in understanding the levels of health promotion as it applies to the health care needs of patients today?I need a comment for paragraph 1Paragraph 1The three levels of health promotion are easy to explain. Primary health promotion is going to be any type of preventative methods. For example, immunizations of children or the yearly flu shot. This is preventing the sickness and allowing the continuance of wellness within the person. Secondary health promotion is through health screenings and early treatment of diseases. For example, a patient goes into a walk-in clinic to be seen for flu-like symptoms. The walk-in clinic itself is considered a secondary health facility because they do minor health screenings and can prevent the worsening of certain diseases. Lastly, the tertiary health promotion according to Grand Canyon University is, “is to help the patient achieve some semblance of normalcy and acclimate back into their lives and society.” (Falkner, “Health Promotion in Nursing Care”, 2018). Tertiary facilities include rehabs, hospitals, or even hospice care centers. They provide care to manage symptoms and promote the patient to try to get back to normal life and become well again. The levels of prevention can determine how much education a person or patient needs because each prevention level determines where the patient is within their healthcare journey. It also determines how much lifestyle changes may need to be made to become functional within society again.

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