Nursing  ANP 652 8/2

Conduct research about one hematologic malignancy from the list below and summarize the typical presentation (especially laboratory findings such as WBC, RBC, platelets), etiology, common differential diagnosis, typical diagnostic work-up, treatment plan, preventative measures, appropriate referrals, screening tools/diagnostic-specific scales tools (if any), and additional information that would be important to the geriatric population. Support your answer with two or three peer-reviewed resources.CLLALLAMLCMLHodgkin’s LymphomaNon-Hodgkin’s LymphomaMyelodysplastic SyndromePolycthemia VeraEssential ThrombocythemiaPrimary MyelofibrosisMantle Cell LymphomaDiffuse Large B-cell LymphomaBurkitt LymphomaT-Cell LymphomasMultiple MyelomaAplastic Anemia

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