Nursing  Power point Presentation

Assignment 1: Applying Current Literature to Clinical PracticeLiterature in psychotherapy differs from other  areas of clinical practice. Generally, there are no clinical trials in  psychotherapy because it is often neither appropriate nor ethical to  have controls in psychotherapy research. This sometimes makes it more  difficult to translate research findings into practice. In your role,  however, you must be able to synthesize current literature and apply it  to your own clients. For this Assignment, you begin practicing this  skill by examining current literature on psychodynamic therapy and  considering how it might translate into your own clinical practice.To prepare:Review this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on the insights they provide.Select one of the psychodynamic therapy articles from the Learning Resources to evaluate for this Assignment.Note: In nursing practice, it is not uncommon to review  current literature and share findings with your colleagues. Approach  this Assignment as though you were presenting the information to your  colleagues.The AssignmentIn a 5- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation, address the following:Provide an overview of the article you selected.What population is under consideration?What was the specific intervention that was used?Is this a new intervention or one that was already used?What were the author’s claims?Explain the findings/outcomes of the study in the article.Include  whether this will translate into practice with your own clients. If so,  how? If not, why?Explain whether the limitations of the study might impact your  ability to use the findings/outcomes presented in the article.Support  your position with evidence-based literature.Note: The presentation should be 5–10 slides, not  including the title and reference slides. Include presenter notes (no  more than ½ page per slide) and use tables and/or diagrams where  appropriate. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from  the article you selected. Support your approach with evidence-based  literature.Check for plagiarism

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