Nursing  process map

Within a process map, distinct shapes are used for different purposes; for example, a rectangle denotes a process, a diamond is used where a decision needs to be made, and arrows indicate movement from one step to another. Oval shape is used to illustrate the beginning and end of a process. Rectangular shape is considered a process box. This is the action that needs to be done at that step in the process, for example, collect data, analyze data, or use a form. The diamond demonstrates decision points. Multiple directions (yes/no) to illustrate distinct pathways based on which option occurs. Directional arrows help the user follow the flow of the process. It is helpful to keep the arrows going in the same directions as much as possible to simplify the map. A process box is a place where there are multiple steps that need to be further defined. Two kinds of process maps: Basic, cross-functional or swim lane format. Basic is simple, illustrates the decisions, starting and end points, and processes. It has a maximum number of steps with a limited number of options. Cross-functional or swim lane format have more than fifteen steps and/or a need for separate rows (swim lanes) for different disciplines or parallel activities. Examples are listed in the textbook on page 529, Figure 21.3 and page 532, Figure 21.6. For this assignment do not submit an organizational chart which is a process map but only identifies reporting structures and hierarchy. They demonstrate who reports to whom and do not have define steps.

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