Nursing  Week 1, written assignment Bowel and Urinary Disorders Module 01 Content

Complete the comparison tables on urinary disorders and bowel disorders.NUR2571_Module 01_Comparison of Bowel Elimination Disorder _v2.docxComparison of Bowel Elimination DisordersDiarrheaBowel   ObstructionHemorrhoidsPathophysiologyEtiologyClinical   ManifestationsInterventionsNUR2571_Module 01_Comparison of Urinary Elimination Disorder_v2.docxComparison of Urinary Elimination Disorders:Stress   IncontinenceBenign   Prostatic HypertrophyPyelonephritisPathophysiologyEtiologyClinical   ManifestationsInterventionsNeeds at least one citation and referenceInterventions should have at LEAST:Three things you would monitor/reassess,Three things you would do or actionThree things you would teach your patientThe medication you would administer

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