P.P. Presentation- this guestion is posted for Proteach only

Create a PowerPoint presentation based on the final paper you have created( Week 6 research paper) .

Select and describe a target audience for the presentation. Explain the selection in terms of their likely interest in the topic of your paper.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation based on the highlights of your paper. Be sure to select information carefully and emphasize the points you consider important.

Develop a six slide presentation. Use the Notes feature in PowerPoint to support your presentation with details. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Assignment Grading Criteria:

Described intended audience and explained their likely interest in the topic of the paper.

Selected information for presentation to the intended audience.

Presented information in a way suitable to the intended audience.

Used design features such as page layout, fonts, and visual elements.

Evaluated content and suitability to audience in one presentation.


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