Philosophy writing essay

Write an essay of fewer than one thousand words that clearly and accurately explains the picture above. “The picture is already attached here”

Although both Descartes and Hume intend to discover the foundations and limits of knowledge, their starting points and conclusions contrast sharply. Use your understanding of the key developments in Meditations on First Philosophy and An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding to explain precisely how Descartes begins in doubt and ends in certainty, while Hume begins in certainty and ends in doubt. Identify a “turning point” in each case. Lastly, explain how and where each in his own way comes very close to adopting the views of a madman.

I attached the book of

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.


Be careful about the explanation here because the professor is detailed.

The paper due tonight at 9.00 PM on Dallas TX time zone, so be careful about the time zone.


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