precalculus due now!!!(easy)

HAND-IN: Section R.4 (p. 45) #1, 3, odd 9-17, odd 27-35, 37 and then 51 (first find the slope through these points, and then write the equation), 39 and then 53 (same idea), 41 and 55, 43 and 57, 45 and 59, 66, 67, 69. For #66(b),(c) and 67(b),(c), you do not need to GRAPH the linear functions whose equations you determined in (a)-(c)–for finding a good window in cases like these can be difficult. You should, however, have a sense of what linear cost, revenue, and profit functions look like (which is illustrated on p. 44 of your text).


*I jot down all questions on one page and you also should do 66,67,and 69 which is on the other photos.

and I will post a note I took in a class you can use. That will help you and please finish within few hours.

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