Progressive Journal Part 1 & 2 Also Discussion Board 2

There are 2 PARTS to this assignment. Part 1 has to be incorporated into PART 2 it has to be 500-800 words. See attachments. Also there is a discussion board down below!!There have been several postings of pregnant Hollywood stars (Britney Spears, Denise Richards, Victoria Beckham) who have scheduled C-sections for convenience and to avoid the pain of childbirth. Discuss this option in terms of women’s rights, and health care coverage (typically C-sections are only covered if they are medically necessary).This discussion is meant to reflect your personal opinions, not textbook language or theories. These questions are meant to stimulate your thinking. Since the Discussion Board is viewable by others, please do not share thoughts that you would not want others to know.For this discussion, post one Thread in which you answer the following questions.  You are expected to write full paragraphs and give specific examples as part of your answers. A short 2-3 sentence answer is NOT sufficient to earn full credit. Then Reply to at least 3-4 other students’ Threads.  Write 3-4 sentences or more in each Reply explaining your thoughts.

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