Promoting Learner-Centered Lessons in the Online Environmen

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Promoting Learner-Centered Lessons in the Online Environment

The Online Environment

The online learning environment can be very beneficial, you can still do many of the usual classroom activities in a more convenient and comfortable setting. Despite the obvious convenience of on-line courses, some students or participants may not find on-line learning an easy task to comply to. According to Ma, Han, Yang, and Cheng (2015) online training comes with its own particular characteristics, which can jeopardize (or limit) the success of the training (Ma, Han, Yang, & Cheng, 2015). I adapted my lesson for the online environment by present the information in the form of a power point presentation, in which student can navigate on their own. I also provided students with a discussion board that acts as a form of communication between students and the class instructor. Being considerate of the information that is contained in this lesson, I would make the on line experience self-paced with checkpoints that would allow the student to examine their strengths and weaknesses. With each successful completion of the student’s learning objectives, a check your knowledge (quiz) will be provided to the students/ participants. Knowledge checks is a great tool that the students/ participants can utilize so that he or she can understand what area they need to focus more on. Knowledge checks can also help the instructor evaluate the student’s understanding. According to Roll and Winne (2015) checkpoints are planned, informal pauses in the lesson when the teacher assesses all students’ understanding through an oral, physical, or written response (Roll & Winne, 2015).

Classroom Management

Because of the type of lesson that will be presented in the on-lune learning environment, two greatest management concerns as an instructor would include technical difficulties and encouraging collaboration amongst the students/ participants. Regardless of what type of information presented within the on-line classroom, technical difficulties can put a halt on the entire lesson and class. Technical problems deserve their own mention because when they occur they can have an immediate, massive impact on students. Collaboration amongst the students/ participants is exceptionally important because this a way of learning from each other. According to Johnson and Cooke (2016) interaction among students has been found to be the single most important element of successful online education (Johnson & Cooke, 2016).

Lesson Plan (On-Line Version)

Lesson Plan #2.doc


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