Provide two examples of academic sources of knowledge

Horntvedt et al. (2018) found that interactive teaching and integration into clinical practice were effective strategies for teaching students to evaluate evidence.  The learning activity will provide necessary information about scholarly sources of information in an online format. This lesson will use a video presentation to highlight critical concepts related to assessing academic sources of information. During the lesson, students will be shown five different sources of information and be asked to rank the sources in order of most reliable to least reliable.


Shank (2005) emphasizes the need to match the skill level of the learner with the learning objectives and activities. For first-year nursing students, a basic understanding of scholarly versus non-scholarly work is appropriate. An analysis of formal research study validity is beyond the scope of what is needed at their level. The verb summarize corresponds with the knowledge level of learning in Bloom’s taxonomy. The second objective asks the student to provide two examples, which demonstrates comprehension-level understanding in Bloom’s. Both objectives, if successfully met, will allow the student to complete the required work, accessing scholarly work, successfully.


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