pshology homework

1.One of the services that is currently available in Millborough is a wellness line, where people can call in a situations where they stressed and need help in solving those situations.
2.Situation 1: A mother of three year old twins called Mason (volunteer on hot line). She was concerned that her babies wanted to do everything by themselves and where saying NO is she would try to do something. 
Situation 2:  Maddy received several calls from people who attended library meeting on Freuds theory, they where afraid that their superego did develop superficially because sometimes they don’t make right choices.
Situation 3: Dalinda received a call from a concerned father who saw his son playing with his sisters doll and was wondering if that’s a normal stage of development for a kid or no.
Situation 4: Some parents sent of the town homeschool their children and need some information and reassurance about normal growth and development.
Situation 5: Several mothers called and were concerned that their babies (6-12 months old) are not develop as progressively compare to other babies from mothers meeting.
3.Then analyze with supportive evidence of the growth and development levels of each situation and people involved describing the problem and how it relates to stages of development.  Provide a connection to at least one theory of growth and development.
4.Suggested solution supported with evidence; evidence must be research based, accurate, and appropriate for the situation and level of development

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