psychology questions

psychology questions Chapter 2

Correct answers are highlighted in red

1 To excite or inhibit an action potential in a receiving neuron, a neurotransmitter must cross the ______.

· Synaptic gap

· Endocrine glands

· Axon

· Myelin sheath

2 Karens years of experience navigating the streets of a very large city as a taxi driver have resulted in changes in her brains spatial memory centres that support her detailed street location. This best illustrates the value of?

· Refractory periods

· Plasticity

· Echo location

· Reuptake

3 The brains oldest region is the?

· Hippocampus

· Amygdala

· Hypothalamus

· Brainstem

4. The autonomic nervous system most directly controls _____.

a. Movement of the arms and legs.
b. Speech production.
c. Thinking and memory.
d. Bladder contractions.

5. Which of the following chemical messengers is both a neurotransmitter and a hormone?

a. serotonin
b. acetylcholine
c. dopamine
d. norepinephrine


6 Your life would be most immediately threatened if you suffered destruction of the ______.

a. Cerebellum.
b. Medulla.
c. Amygdala.
d. Hippocampus.
7 Which hormone enables contractions associated with birthing and milk flow during nursing?

a. epinephrine
b. oxytocin
c. insulin
d. cortisol
8. Activation of the sympathetic nervous system ________ blood sugar levels and ________ the pupils of the eyes.

a. lowers; dilates
b. lowers; contracts
c. raises; contracts
d. raises; dilates
9 While listening to operatic solos, musicians process the lyrics and the tunes in separate brain areas. This most clearly illustrates the functioning of different ______.

a. Parathyroid.
b. neural networks.
c. Neurotransmitters.
d. Reflex systems.

10. An axon transmits messages ________ the cell body and a dendrite transmits messages ________ the cell body.

a. away from; toward
b. away from; away from
c. toward; toward
d. toward; away from

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