skills necessary for the provider to identify and assess this clinical ethical issue

4. Bioethics Case Study: This assignment asks you to examine a current ethical controversy case study. The paper is informal, but should be in APA style, and does not need an abstract or cover page. With a

minimum of two pages and a maximum of four pages A reference page is needed. In-text citations should

be in APA format. Papers will be graded on a 0 to 25-point scale.

EXAMPLE OF Case Study in Primary care:

One hypothetical case study involves Jim a 54, year old patient who has recently diagnose with hypertension and his Creatinine and BUN laboratory results are elevated, if left untreated, will result in kidney failure. The patient refuses to take the medication because he said it will affect his sex life The NP must work with the patient to respect the fact that he doesn’t want the medication (autonomy), and needs to find a solution that would prevent him from going into kidney failure and other complications, which is in his best interest (beneficence). Although medications are the best choice, forcing the patient to accept the medication will result in probably patient leaving the care (non-maleficence). Finally, the NP needs to consider the impact that the patient’s choices might have on others if he starts to go into preventable kidney failure, he’ll need dialysis, which affects other people who need the same treatment (justice). So before making the final decision the NP must consider all four principles of health care ethics, which will

help the NP make the choice that will have the best possible benefits for both the patient and society.


1. What are the skills necessary for the provider to identify, address, and assess this clinical ethical


2. What are the provider’s obligations when a patient discloses does he not intent to follow the


3. What are the ethical considerations in evaluating a patient’s failure to adhere to a prescribed


4. Will you terminate care for this patient? What are the implications?

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