study using your PRIMARY research question as the basis of the study

I need compelete answer in 2-3 paragraph:

This discussion topic has two (2) parts and builds from your previous discussion forum. First, you will describe a primary research question that emerges on a topic from your clinical practice. Second, using the same topic, you will restate your primary research question into an evidence-based practice question. Substantial statements for all listed points on this discussion will be worth 3 points.

Please click the Grading Information button on the top left, then the Rubric button on the right of the discussion board window for grading criteria on the discussion points as listed below:

Part 1:

Many applied research studies are initiated from the researcher’s clinical practice. Reflecting on your nursing practice, identify a PRIMARY research question that would be of interest to you. (Hint: Think of a specific situation, procedure, etc., that you feel could be handled or performed better Perhaps, you identified something in the previous discussion forum?)

If you were going to do a study using your PRIMARY research question as the basis of the study, do you think it would be better addressed using a quantitative or qualitative perspective?

Part 2:

Now using your primary research question as a guide, using a PICO format, place your question as an evidence-based practice question (Refer to Chapter 8 in the Hopp & Rittenmeyer (2012) text and the Module 1 Presentation 2, Evidence-based Practice).

Explain how your Primary Research Question differs from your stated Evidence-based Practice Question.

Who would be the sample as related to your PICO question?

Your response should be written in your own words.

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