The director of your department has requested that you conduct some research on the topic of cyber law or internet law. He as asked you to draft a memo including the following information.



  1. Research, identify, and discuss at least 2 emerging trends of legal issues involving cyber law or internet law. Examples could include the following but are not limited to the following topics:


  • e-contracts
  • e-singatures
  • cyber torts
  • use of socialnetworking for advertising
  • social networking and employee restraints
  • identify theft
  • cyberstalking

   2. Include good research and references to discuss the cyber law issues identified.


   3. Research, identify and summarize a specific legal case involving a cyber law issue. The summary should  include a good description of the facts of the case and the outcome ( court’s ruling) of the case.


   4. Provide your opinion on the outcome of the case. Do you agree with the court’s ruling or do you feel that a different outcome would have been more justified?  Why or Why not?


   5. Include all appropriate APA citations and references.

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