The global nursing shortage

Rebecca weaver said

The global nursing shortage, high nurse turnover rates, and increased difficulty of retaining new graduate nurses in acute care settings lead to my proposed capstone project initiative. Approximately thirty to seventy percent of new nurses leave their jobs or their profession within the first year of receiving licensure due to the stress level and overwhelming workloads and increasing demands they face (Ke, Kuo, & Hung, 2017). Thus, organizations need to look at ways to successfully transition new graduate nurses to the workforce and in turn increase retention rates. My current perspective related to the mentioned problem remains the same as it did previously.

The proposed solution to address this problem is the development and implementation of a formal unit-based preceptor program that guides the orientation process of new nurses in their work setting. Evidence-based research shows that effective, successful preceptorship is an integral source of knowledge and an essential educational component needed when orienting new graduate nurses and preparing them to work in the clinical setting (Ke, Kuo, & Hung, 2017). Quality preceptorship programs significantly increase critical thinking skills, competency, and problem-solving aspects, job satisfaction and retention rates (Ke, Kuo, & Hung, 2017). Therefore, I remain passionate about my project initiative, and my perspective is that a model unit-based preceptor program will significantly enhance the orientation experience of both the preceptor and preceptee.


Ke, Y., Kuo, C., & Hung, C. (2017). The effects of nursing preceptorship on new nurses’ 

competence, professional socialization, job satisfaction and retention: A systematic 

review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 73(10), 2296-2305. doi:10.1111./jan.13317

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