Type of paperCritical Thinking

Type of paperCritical Thinking


Number of pages4

Format of citationAPA

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Purpose The purpose of this individual assignment is to critically analyze drug policy approaches: Criminalization of use, possession and distribution of illict drugs Decriminalization of use, possession and distribution of illict drugs Legalization of use, possession and distribution of illict drug Skills: Access and collect needed information from appropriate sources Assess sources for credibility List research findings Knowledge: Current policies across the nation and in select states The impact of these policies The effects of the drug Tasks You will write a 4-page paper that describes current drug policy approaches in the United States. In addiiton you will describe an imaginary society and its responses to the use of drugs of potential abuse. The paper will describe the rationale for your approach, the impact of drug use on society in contrast to current approaches used. The paper will be fact based and supported with citations. The paper will cover the following topics (see rubric for more details): An desсrіption of the societal consequences of illicit drugs and drug use patterns over time A desсrіption of two drug policies discussed in class An analysis current drug policy approaches with regard to their impact on drug use and other impacts to communities and individuals. Your stance on the statement ″Illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine should be decriminalized″ and an analysis of the pros and cons of this approach You will propose to either use decriminalization, or an alternative drug policy (criminalization or legalization) for an imaginary society where you are the policy maker. You will state which drugs are legal/illegal (if applicable), the unintended consequences of those policies. You will also discuss why you think the approach might work in your imagined society You should read the paper rubric before commencing and before submitting your paper. The subric contains specific details needed within your paper. What are empirically-supported arguments? Empirical evidence is information that justifies a belief in the truth or falsity of a claim. This evidence is obtained from knowledge is obtained through observation and experimentation. Each argument must be supported by evidence from credible sources. Examples of credible sources often include peer-reviewed articles (e.g., research articles) and government agencies (NIDA, SAMHSA, CDC, etc). Wikipedia, blogs, and Reddit are not appropriate sources. Format The paper should be fact-based, so use sources to support your claims Lenght: 4-page paper maximum Double spaced 12 point times 1 inch margins Contains an introduction, body and conclusion Contains in-text citations and a reference page, which is not part of the 4 page

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