ummarize the theories of psychiatric disease and the scientific rationale behind its treatment through the employment of drug therapies.

Thinking Journal  To prepare for this journal, watch Social Thinking (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (2017).  Reflect on this topic.  Specifically, consider concepts other than those covered in discussions and/or assignments.  Explain how a particular theoretical perspective applies to your own experience, personal or professional.  Describe the social situation in the context of social psychological theory and research, and appraise the factors that impact your behavior as well as the role your own actions play in producing and perpetuating the situation.  Your journal should be approximately one single-spaced page and include at least one reference to a required course reading.Summarize the theories of psychiatric disease and the scientific rationale behind its treatment through the employment of drug therapies.

Several theories exist that provide a better understanding of psychiatric diseases. The cause of psychiatric diseases varies amongst individuals as well as the illness. Mental illnesses are very broad and affect individuals differently. Some may experience minor symptoms while others may experience major symptoms. Although the cause of psychiatric disease continues to be researched and may not be completely understood, there are various factors that contribute to the development of the disorders. The development of psychiatric diseases can be caused from environmental, biological, and psychological factors. Sometimes a combination of factors may lead to the disorder, which makes it difficult to discover the exact cause. Therefore, a combination of treatments, rather than one treatment option may provide benefits. Results of a study on depression using psychological therapy treatment versus drug therapy indicated that psychotherapy treatment was shown to be slightly more effective (Advokat, Comaty and Julien, 2014, p. 603). Thus, it can be concluded that objective and scientific ananlysis is crititcal when trying to determine the best option for psychological and pharmacological treatment as treatment of psychiatric disease is complex (Advokat, Comaty and Julien, 2014, p. 603). Depending on several factors, a combination of treatments may be the best option.

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